Floreal 2008



48% Cabernet Sauvignon
34% Merlot
18% Shiraz


The grape varietals were handpicked separately at phenolic ripeness and stored at 10 °C to ensure the finest flavor and freshness. Subsequent processing, fermentation and maturation was also carried out individually for each varietal. Upon crushing , a temperature of 10 °C was maintained and both skins and juice were left in contact in French oak tanks for 10 days for optimum color and flavor extraction. Upon fermentation, color and character is allowed to develop for a further period of 3 weeks before the wine is transferred to 100% new French oak barrels for 16-22 months. The use of new French oak allows the wine to retain certain flavors and extract tannin from the oak. Being our flagship red, much care and attention is taken in selecting the finest barrels containing maximum flavor and character.

Winemaker’s comments

This wine features a complex nose with aromas of olives, leather and floral after tones. Full bodied, this wine is complex and shows great fruity expression. The wine is still relatively young and needs will mature well in the bottle for a further 8 years.

Food Pairing

Our Floreal is made for special occasions. Easily enjoyed alone, this is the perfect wine for a meat-driven French meal. We recommend beef or game such as venison.


Alcohol: 214,5 % v/v

Residual Sugar: 2,2 g/l

Total Acidity: 5,9 g/l

pH: 3,93

Extract: 35,7 g/l


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